We are looking to fill full and part time spots in our kitchen!

Job openings include Production Assistants and Production Manager. Certain positions may include travel to Portland, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. later in the year. Flexible start and end dates may be possible for the right applicant, as well as potential year round positions.

Please note - we are looking specifically for production positions, NOT flavor development or bakers or dessert chefs. Specific kitchen experience not required.

A Production Assistant must be able to:

  • Make ice cream and sorbet using our batch freezer

  • Make various inclusions for our ice creams including jams, crumbles, cookies and cakes.

  • -Lift heavy objects (40 - 50 three gallon boxes of ice cream as well as full 5 gallon buckets throughout the day, often through a small work space or awkward freezer arrangement)

  • Organize themselves in a small work space independently as well as while working alongside other kitchen crew and staff behind the counter

  • Organize others in prep projects (kitchen staff and staff behind the counter)

  • Be highly detail oriented

  • Maintain a high energy work atmosphere

  • Multi-task (at least three or four different projects at once!)

  • Help taste for consistency ice cream/sorbet/frozen dessert flavors (again: we are NOT looking for people to develop flavors, we are looking for people that can maintain the consistency of our flavors through taste testing while producing)

A Production Manager must be able to

  • Fill the role of Production Assistant

  • Report and manage inventory of ice creams and sorbets

  • Manage and control ordering of supplies and ingredients

  • Assist in training and managing of any employee working in the kitchen, including prep workers and production assistants

  • Manage the schedule of production assistants

  • Oversee quality control throughout season among all workers assisting with production

We provide on the job training but are looking for people that can learn quickly and feel comfortable working independently.

Pay based on experience. Relatively flexible schedule. We are looking for people to start around April and work through the end of September.