We make all of our products in a kitchen that also processes milk (of course), peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and eggs.  

We’ve developed strategies over the years to do our best to minimize the cross contamination of allergens. We follow good manufacturing processes and organize our production days accordingly, so allergens are run after non-allergens on production days. 

At our shops, we keep nut-free scoops, gluten-free scoops and a dairy-free scoops that don’t mingle with our regular scoops in the dip well. We will use these scoops if requested. We also offer nut-free sprinkles on request.

Currently all of our cones contain gluten.

When you go to one of our shops, on our dipping cabinets, we have flavor cards that look like the card on the left. 

Underneath, we list allergens when applicable. We hope you’ll find this helpful.

The most important thing you can do however, is let your server know specifically if you have an allergy.  We train our staff to be conversant about all of our allergens and how to best help people with allergies.