Our goal is to create shops that are happy places to be. We believe everyone deserves the best treatment when they come to our shops, especially as they will often be standing in long lines just to buy our product. We strive to provide an excellent experience for all customers. 

Job responsibilities for counter positions include what one would expect from an ice cream shop counter position: scooping ice cream and assembling menu items like milkshakes, sundaes and pints; operating the register; cleaning and maintaining the organization of our shops; interacting with customers and answering questions about our product and brand history, including our locations around Maine and in Washington D.C.  Hours range from early morning to late, late at night, and we're searching for part-time, full-time, any-in-between-time employees.

We're looking for high energy, people-people who love to work and can get excited about our product. We also want to find responsible, reliable and proactive individuals who are able to clean, scoop, chat and multitask with all the other tasks that make up the job at MDI Ice Cream. This is a fast paced, but unbelievably fun job, and you'll learn a lot too! We offer very competitive wages, well organized scheduling and thorough on the job training. 

We have positions open in Bar Harbor, Portland and Washington, D.C.