Where to Taste the Future of Ice Cream Right Now

“New Englanders were eating very good ice cream at a time when parts of this country that now fancy themselves experts had barely mastered indoor plumbing. For a new shop to make waves here - and in a place where ice cream-obsessed Bostonians are known to vacation, yet - takes a love of heavy lifting, but Linda Parker went for it in 2005 and hasn't looked back yet. The shop, located at the center of picturesque Bar Harbor, is the sort of place you might brush off as just one more tourist trap - do not do this. Not only is the ice cream technically top-notch, the flavors are whimsical, but possessing that instant-classic feel. The locally-brewed stout beer and fudge flavor is a must. There's an additional location in town, plus another in Portland.”

Arielle Walrath

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