We are looking to fill full-time management positions at our Portland and Washington, D.C. locations.

Basic responsibilities include running the shop and its employees to the standard set by the owner and regional manager. Please note: this position requires a person who is very comfortable working independently.  

The position also requires being "on call" for the shop: answering emergency phone calls; filling empty shifts on the floor; communicating with vendors; communicating with regional manager and owner and responding to any emergency that might arise.

In addition, the job includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Working scheduled shifts behind the counter 

  • Creating/maintaining a schedule for employees

  • Thoroughly training staff throughout the season

  • Maintaining organization within the shop (includes training and ensuring employees know how to keep shop clean, follow state and federal health regulations, etc.) 

  • Maintaining high standard of excellent customer service (includes training employees and continuing to follow up with training throughout the season) as well as setting a good and comfortable atmosphere for employees.

  • Maintaining a great/positive attitude while working with the owner, the management team, staff behind the counter, vendors and wholesale clients

  • Lifting heavy objects (high butterfat ice cream is heavy!)

  • Updating and maintaining organization of any paperwork including bills, resumes, inquiries, receipts, and payroll

The job may be expanded throughout the year and may come to include: 

  • Interviewing and hiring new employees throughout the season 

  • May include participation in various marketing events 

We are looking for people that are:  

  • QUICK learners -- the ideal candidate will be able to learn the job within the first couple weeks and work independently and responsibly soon after 

  • High energy -- this position can mean long and intense days, both physically and mentally. There is a lot of standing on the job.  

  • Highly detail oriented; able to keep track of several crucial projects, employees and events at once.  

This job can evolve over the course of the year and continue to develop, so we are looking for people who want to invest in the company and the job and be continually challenged as the season(s) progress.

Positions start in March, with a flexible end date (as early at the end of September and as late as the end of the year).

Salary based on experience.